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What is Rolling Reserve

rolling reserve blog graphics
A Rolling Reserve is set up with a split in percent and period. The agreement is to secure the acquiring company and minimize the risk of handling payments.

by Mikael Christian Carlsen


10 payment methods you need, if you want to have a global e-commerce

10 payment methods blog graphics showing ,the world globe and distribution of the different payment methods according to the region.
The most common payment method is VISA and MasterCard. But if you consider going for a global e-commerce business, we would recommend an extended list of […]

Why paper identification is important

man drawning in papers illustration
Today, even more, documents are digitalized and are taking up space in the digital storage. Some of the essential materials are those; we have along with […]

by Toms Stals


New Plugins for Reepay available Now

New Plugins Blog Post Graphics
You can easily integrate your e-commerce solution with our plugins – now we match with even more CMS systems. Together with our partners, we have made […]

by Robert Mygind


Markus Brunke joins Reepay

Markus Brunke
We are delighted to welcome Markus Brunke to the Reepay team. “Reepay and Markus is a perfect match. He has the right attitude and with his […]

Summer Time – Start Thinking about Subscriptions

summer time start thinking about subscriptions blog graphics
Subscriptions is a powerful e-commerce product With the advent of businesses like Winefamly, WashWorld, and Dollar Shave Club, people are beginning to see the benefit of […]

The Consumables Model

consumables model graphics
Subscription Models – “The Consumables Model” We all know how annoying it can be when running out of something that you really need. Instead of buying […]

by Robert Mygind


The Simplifier Model

the simplifier blog graphics
Subscription Models – “The Simplifier Model” Everyone wants to simplify their life. With this subscription model, the Simplifier Model, it becomes possible to take a product […]

by Robert Mygind


The Private Club Model

the private club model blog post graphics
Subscription Models – “The Private Club Model”   The Private Club model is a subscription model that offers access to something of limited supply on either […]